Calgary Chinese Cultural Centre
197 1 SW, Calgary AB





Where is the festival being held?

All classes are being held at the Calgary Chinese Cultural Centre at 197 1 Street SW, Calgary, AB.

What do I need to bring to the festival?

Yoga mat, water bottle, snacks, cash (or cards), layers (it's Calgary), notebook and pen.

Will there be food available?

Yes, we have a number of vendors serving food that will satisfy all sorts of dietary restrictions, including but not limited, to gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan and carnivorous. 

How do I get there?

Transit: The C-Train station is five blocks away on 7th Avenue.

Driving: There are a number of paid parking lots within a couple blocks of the Cultural Centre. Street parking is also available and is free on Sunday.

Where can I pick up my registration package?

We have a pre-festival registration pick up happening two days this week.

Monday, March 13: 11-1 and 4-6 at Breathe Hot Yoga in McKenzie Towne AND Nolan Hill
Tuesday, March 14: 11-1 and 4-6 at Junction 9.

If you are unable to make it to the pre-festival pick up, you can get your registration package the day of the festival. Please arrive 30 minutes before your first class to ensure enough time.

What is included in my registration package?

You are required to sign a waiver form to participate in any festival class. You will also receive a festival program and wristbands corresponding to the pass you have purchased. This is a fabric wristband that locks in place so don't put it on until you arrive to the Cultural Centre for your first class.

Are passes still available?

Yes, we still have a limited number of passes available for purchase.

Can I buy a pass just for one class?

Unfortunately no, we are only offering passes for all three days, weekend or one day. 

How long are classes?

The schedule is created in 90 minute increments with 75 minutes allotted for each class. 15 minutes is available between each class to ensure a smooth transition.

Can I purchase my pass on-site?

Yes, but we recommend you purchase your pass in advance and sign up for the classes you want to attend, that way it ensures you get the experience you are looking for. If you do purchase your pass on-site, please leave at least 30 minutes before your first desired class to ensure we have enough time to get everything settled.

What happens if I want to attend a class but it's full?

Certain rooms only have a capacity for a specific number of people, which is why the numbers have been capped. Preference for attendance is given to those who have registered for the class but if there's a specific class you really want to get in to, we suggest heading there before it's start time and waiting to see if there's any space available last-minute. Don't be disappointed though! At any given time, we have a large variety of classes available so you will always find something inspiring to do.

Can I get into the Marketplace?

Yes, your festival pass grants you access to the Marketplace all weekend. 

What are the Marketplace hours?

Friday 2:00pm–8:00pm
Saturday & Sunday 8:00am–6:00pm

I have a friend that's not coming to the festival, can they still go to the Marketplace?

Yes, the Marketplace is open to the general public and entrance is by donation only with 100% of proceeds going to Inn From The Cold.

When and where is the Prana Movie Night being held?

Friday, March 17 at 9:15, on-site at the Chinese Cultural Centre.

I don't have a Friday pass, can I still come to the Prana Movie Night?

Yes, the Prana Movie Night is open to all Festival attendees. 

Can a friend who is not coming to the festival come to the movie?

Unfortunately, no. 

What movie are you showing at the Prana Movie Night?

It's a surprise ;)

When and where is Prana After Dark happening?

Saturday, March 18 at 9:00pm, on-site at the Chinese Cultural Centre.

I don't have a Saturday pass, can I still come to Prana After Dark?

Yes, admission to the Prana After Dark party is included with ALL festival passes.

Can a friend who is not coming to the festival come to Prana After Dark?

Yes, tickets are available for $20 and can be purchased here

If you have any questions about the Prana Yoga Festival, please contact us as




Community passes

Community passes


We are proud to be offering our Community Passes. Times have been tough in Alberta, and we understand that some may have a hard time affording their weekend passes, while others find themselves blessed. If you are one of the fortunate ones and have something to share, we appreciate whatever donation you are able to provide. These donations will be put towards providing subsidized passes to those who truly need it. Thank you for helping us help those in our community who need it. 

Wa have had an overwhelming response of applications for community passes, and want to send a thank you to all who have applied, and all who have donated. We are unable to accept any additional applications at this time, but look forward to offering this option again in the future. If you are looking to give, we are still accepting contributions, and hoping to fund additional community passes to those in need. Thank you!


Where to Stay

Where to Stay


The Westin Calgary

This wonderful hotel has provided guests of the PYF a rate of $139/night. Make sure to mention Prana Yoga Festival, or the code PC17AB when booking in order to get the special rate.

Visit to view the hotel.

Includes complimentary parking for one vehicle.

OR CALL 1-888-627-8417 TO BOOK